Right Sizing Your Windows Server Environment

Right Sizing Your Windows Server Environment

Did you know that Windows Server is one of the most mislicensed products under SPLA?

This can lead to unnecessary audits and expenses that no one wants to deal with.

We all know that Microsoft introduced a new licensing model for Windows Server 2016 when they changed the model from Processor to Core. As we wrote in our July article, the biggest concern was that if you were running more than 8 cores per instance (the minimum required) you would have to license the additional cores when you upgraded to Windows Server 2016 or when your SPLA contract renewed.

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What is the Cloud Platform Suite?

What is the Microsoft Cloud Platform Suite

The Cloud Platform Suite is a bundled SKU of Windows and Systems Center, which was introduced January 2014. It may seem very similar to the Core Infrastructure Suite but I would like to outline a few key differences.

The Cloud Platform Suite provides virtual guest environments with one management system across multiple server operating systems. The cloud platform suite is the best option for highly virtualized servers running applications built on multiple server operating systems.

Cloud Platform suite is licensed in a host plus guest model. You will purchase a Microsoft Cloud Platform Suite license for the hardware to create the host fabric in which instances can run. This is considered the “host” license. You will purchase individual Microsoft Cloud Platform Guest licenses for each of the virtual instances that it wants to run. This is only if you are virtualized using Hyper-V.

The Cloud Platform Suite only becomes cost effective in a highly virtualized Environment; please reach out to me if you have any other questions.

Microsoft TechEd 2013: 3 important things you need to know

TechEd 2013

TechEd 2013– Microsoft’s annual conference for developers and IT professionals – was held earlier this month. For those who were not able to attend this year, presentations from the conference are available online at the TechEd page.

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Windows Thin PC

 As a Microsoft Sales Specialist I try to analyze business trends and gauge how Microsoft licensing can positively affect a customer and their changing environment. Since Microsoft has so many different hidden licensing structures, it can be very confusing when looking at your businesses’ changing hardware environment and how it’s going to affect your licensing strategy. One of those trends I see right now is businesses moving away from the traditional fat client, and moving over to a thin client. One of the most common method of moving over to a thin client is repurposing existing PCs as thin clients. [Read more…]

SPLA News: Microsoft nixes Outsourcing SKUs

Last month I attended the Microsoft Hosting Summit in Seattle, WA.  I am pleased to announce I have some good news for those that are reporting Windows Outsourcing SKUs.  Starting July, 2011 Microsoft will eliminate the Outsourcing SKU!   This means everyone, regardless of your offering, will report Non Outsourcing July 2011!

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Windows Intune launches: cloud brings enterprise management to the masses

Windows Intune launches tune up

Microsoft has made Windows Intune, its cloud-based management service bundled with Windows 7, commercially available as of March 23. Offered as a subscription, the release makes it easier for midsize IT leaders to function at enterprise levels by leveraging the cloud.

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