SQL Server 2016 is now available. Key considerations before you migrate.


On June 1, 2016, Microsoft officially announced the general availability of SQL Server 2016.

While a few enterprises have already made the upgrade, many IT leaders have just begun asking questions about the new database solution, trying to define its place on their roadmap.

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SQL Server 2016 | Top 3 SPLA gotchas that will get you in compliance trouble

SQL Server 2016 Top 3 SPLA gotchas that will get you in compliance trouble

In a time where being first-to-market is paramount, having a powerful tool such as SQL Server 2016 will give insight into opportunities others can’t see. When it comes to your customers in the SPLA program, SQL Server 2016 is a welcomed addition without any changes to pricing or licensing.

What has changed in recent years, however, has been Microsoft’s increased efforts to ensure compliance in increasingly complex environments. On average, Microsoft is auditing 50% of its partners, and the average out-of-compliance penalty is $200,000. Many IT teams have been caught off-guard and even further exerted during the auditing process. As it pertains to SPLA, there are a few specific signs Microsoft looks at when trying to determine if you could potentially be out of compliance. Not surprisingly, most have to do with SQL.

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Microsoft’s SQL on Linux announcement is a sign of changing times

Microsoft’s SQL on Linux announcement is a sign of changing times

Microsoft’s SQL on Linux – an inevitable transformation?

The recent announcement that Microsoft is extending SQL Server to run on Linux is great news for businesses, Microsoft and the industry in general. And its relevance goes way beyond the—albeit huge—announcement itself.

On its surface, this will mean flexibility and choice for users of SQL Server, which Gartner has placed in the top right of its magic quadrant. The database server will offer a consistent platform across Windows Server and Linux environments, whether on-premise and on the cloud. It is, in fact, all part of Microsoft’s own cloud play with Azure, and it is great news.

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Everything you need to know about SQL Server 2016

Everything you need to know about SQL Server 2016

Microsoft SQL 2005 is going EOL on April 12, 2016, and the all-new SQL Server 2016 stands to bring the biggest, most exciting changes to SQL since its inception. Our Microsoft team recently hosted a private webinar for some of our best Microsoft clients, and shared their perspectives on what to expect with the new platform.

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EAP to SCE: How to move from Enrollment for Application Platform to Server and Cloud Enrollment

How to move from Enterprise for Application Platform to Server Cloud Enrolment

Back in early 2012, we saw the majority of our clients transition their SQL environment off of their Enterprise Agreement and onto the now retired, Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP). The EAP offered substantial discounting for new purchases of both SQL Standard and Enterprise, with the requirement that your entire SQL footprint would be licensed with active Software Assurance. As we head into 2015, soon-to-expire EAPs will move to Microsoft’s Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE). Prior to making this switch, there are several considerations clients need to be aware first before they move to SCE. [Read more…]

Microsoft TechEd 2013: 3 important things you need to know

TechEd 2013

TechEd 2013– Microsoft’s annual conference for developers and IT professionals – was held earlier this month. For those who were not able to attend this year, presentations from the conference are available online at the TechEd page.

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