Microsoft Simplifies the Select Plus Program

The Select Plus agreement, launched in October 2008, was designed for organizations with 250 or more PCs and allows customers to make transactional purchases from three product pools: applications, servers, and systems. Discount price levels are established based on points per product pool and updated as purchases are made. Software Assurance (Microsoft’s term for maintenance or upgrade protection) is optional.

In response to customer’s needs for greater flexibility and ease of manageability, Microsoft made two changes to the Select Plus program that took effect in March 2011.

Change to how rollover points are accounted for: [Read more…]

License Mobility makes it easy to build in the cloud

License Mobility for Software Assurance makes building in cloud easierStarting July 1st 2011, Microsoft is launching “License Mobility” to volume license customers with Software Assurance (SA), making it easier to deploy some Microsoft technologies to the cloud.

With increasing interest in “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS), organizations want to move workloads and applications to the cloud without having to acquire additional licenses. For select Microsoft server products, License Mobility allows customers to assign certain licenses to a cloud infrastructure for that customer’s use. The products included are: Exchange Server, Lync Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server and Dynamics CRM.

Simply put: the change unlocks the ability to deploy these application server licenses with active Software Assurance on-premises or in the cloud in a shared hardware environment and to take advantage of the lowest cost infrastructure for changing business priorities.

This signals Microsoft’s desire to make it easier for customers to test out the ubiquitous cloud. [Read more…]

Rest Assured Part 2: TechNet Direct vs. TechNet Subscription

technet logoTechNet Direct vs. TechNet Subscription – How are they different?

As Microsoft SA Sales Specialists, one of the questions we are most often asked is “What is the difference between TechNet Direct and TechNet Subscription?”  It’s easy to understand why this question is asked so often: both are highly sought after benefits, and they sound almost exactly the same. For this reason, TechNet Plus Direct will simply be referred to as “DIRECT” for the remainder of this post, and TechNet Subscription will simply be referred to “SUBSCRIPTION”.  So, to set the record straight:

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