Top 10 Changes You’ll See in Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 is set to launch in September, and Microsoft is stepping up its virtualization game by launching its aggressive Switch to Hyper-V campaign.

With this campaign announcement, Microsoft is leveraging its portfolio strength of enterprise software to facilitate agile cloud deployments. At the 2012 Microsoft World Partner Conference, Satya Nadella, President of Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business had three compelling stats to share with the audience:

  1. 73% of companies currently are using or are planning to use private clouds.
  2. Every five years, corporate data grows by 10X the amount.
  3. Microsoft Server 2012 is a “no-brainer” for cloud storage and can copy 10GB of data in 10 seconds.

Top 10 changes you’ll see in Windows Server 2012 include:

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5 Reasons Why Buying Yammer is Brilliant for Microsoft (and Its Customers)

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer shakes hands with Yammer CEO David Sacks

At the end of June, Microsoft purchased the San Francisco-based social media juggernaut Yammer for 1.2 billion. Yammer provides private corporate social networks to organizations all across the world, so employees can stay in touch and collaborate with each other in realtime.

This week at the Microsoft World Partner Conference in Toronto, Steve Ballmer addressed the acquisition as a “best of breed product that will fundamentally change how Microsoft and its partners communicate and collaborate” and cited it as a key move by the company that underscores its commitment to its growing portfolio of cloud services available in the enterprise.

When asked about Yammer’s purpose and potential,Yammer CEO David Sacks shared this simple but powerful nugget:

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Microsoft Surface: 3 Reasons Why It’s A Real Corporate Tablet Contender

Introducing the Microsoft Surface

The announcement of Microsoft Surface has created quite the buzz in the market this week. Our own team at Softchoice has been enjoying some hearty discussion about the new platform’s potential impact on our corporate customers, and what this might mean for the ongoing tablet “wars”.

While at this point there are more questions than answers, one thing is for certain: This is a seminal moment for Microsoft. With this announcement, they’re boldly stating the traditional way they’ve done business with OEMs is changing.

We’ve identified three reasons we feel Microsoft Surface may do what no other tablet platform has been able to do: Give Apple a real run for its money in the corporate IT client computing space.

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Softchoice study finds ‘floodgates’ opening on Windows 7 [Infographic]

Data. Softchoice sure gets a lot of it – from about a million computers a year in fact. When you look at the guts of a million computers a year, you start to see some trends. One trend we’ve been tracking is the surprising longevity of Windows XP — an operating system that has been the ‘comfortable pair of jeans’ for corporate North American desktops for the better part of a decade. It’s an interesting history, but based on our analysis, Windows 7 fever is gripping corporate North America, and things are finally beginning to change.

Now there have been many studies on the ‘intentions’ of organizations to deploy Windows 7, how they planned to do it and when (here’s one, for example). But a chasm often exists between intentions and reality. Another frequently cited data point is Windows 7 shipments. But shipments are just that – shipments. Often the computers that Windows 7 shipped on, particularly in late 2009, were retrofitted with Windows XP to remain compatible with existing corporate infrastructure.

This study is different. What you’ll see in the infographic below is a healthy cross-section of ‘in the wild’ data we gleaned over the course of hundreds of customer IT asset management service engagements. Looking at this data in aggregate provides a much clearer picture of the real state of the union in corporate North America.

After a decade of the status quo, it now looks like change is firmly afoot. The migration to Windows 7, while not complete for most organizations, is underway at quite a clip. Many organizations, it seems, had been taking the ‘wait and see’ approach, as is quite common with desktop operating systems. Well, they waited – and they saw – and now they’re acting.

So is 2011 the “Year of Windows 7”? As we sit here in December, that’s an easy thing to proclaim – at least until 2012 rolls around.

Exploring the benefits of SAM: Microsoft case study

Case studyAs a full-time Software Asset Management (SAM) “guru” at Softchoice, I wanted to share an excellent case study from Microsoft to illustrate the benefits of involving SAM professionals in your IT Asset Management practice.

Univision, a 4,500-seat multimedia broadcasting corporation based in New York, was struggling with the reconciliation of their installed Microsoft software products against their licensed entitlements, introducing liability and compliance risks – potentially very costly gaps in understanding.

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The Top 3 Deal Breakers to Office 365

Top 3 Deal Breakers of Office 365

Before you even begin to worry about why, when and how you’re going to migrate to Office 365, you need to know what factors could make the transition impossible, more difficult, or all together unnecessary.

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