Two Big Improvements to Hyper-V You Need To Know About


So, Windows Server 2012 is finally here with a lot of big changes. In particular, Hyper-V has been enhanced significantly with regard to scalability.

While my role at Softchoice is on the vendor-neutral storage and backup side of things, my customers have been asking a lot about these new features and what they mean to them, and I wanted to take the time to point out two massive improvements to Hyper-V that pertain to storage.

At the Server 2012 launch, Microsoft announced two new protocols: ODX (Offload Data Xfer) and SMB 3.0 (which is the new version of the Windows file sharing protocol). These two protocols are going to be huge for our customers looking to save some money on their existing Hyper-V deployments as well as those customers looking to deploy Hyper-V for the first time.

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Microsoft Server 2012 Licensing Changes: 6 Key Things You Need To Know

Windows Server 2012 launch
Confused about how the new licensing model  for Windows Server 2012 works? Rest easy! The Softchoice Microsoft team has identified six key things you need to know regarding the changes, and how they’ll impact you.

Because the general release of Server 2012 is slated for September 2012, we’re encouraging all our customers to reach out to our Microsoft specialists as soon as possible. They’ll provide insight into how Software Assurance can ensure you step up your current editions now – while the opportunity is still available.

Here are the 6 Things You Should Know:

1) Changes to Windows Server Editions

Windows Server 2012  is now only available in two types of editions: Standard and Datacenter. When it comes to determining which edition is best for your enterprise, there’s one key word on everyone’s lips: virtualization.

Both Standard and Datacenter editions provide the same set of features (including high availability features like failover clustering); the only thing that differentiates the editions is the number of Virtual Machines (VMs) being used. If your strategy calls for a highly virtualized environment, Datacenter edition provides you with optimum flexibility since it allows for unlimited virtualization.

If you aren’t ready to heavily virtualize your environment, a Standard edition license entitles you to run up to two VMs on up to two processors.

2) Streamlined Licensing Model for Core Infrastructure

In short, we feel this new model provides an easier assessment and management of your server environment. Here’s why:

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Top 10 Changes You’ll See in Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 is set to launch in September, and Microsoft is stepping up its virtualization game by launching its aggressive Switch to Hyper-V campaign.

With this campaign announcement, Microsoft is leveraging its portfolio strength of enterprise software to facilitate agile cloud deployments. At the 2012 Microsoft World Partner Conference, Satya Nadella, President of Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business had three compelling stats to share with the audience:

  1. 73% of companies currently are using or are planning to use private clouds.
  2. Every five years, corporate data grows by 10X the amount.
  3. Microsoft Server 2012 is a “no-brainer” for cloud storage and can copy 10GB of data in 10 seconds.

Top 10 changes you’ll see in Windows Server 2012 include:

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