EAP to SCE: How to move from Enrollment for Application Platform to Server and Cloud Enrollment

How to move from Enterprise for Application Platform to Server Cloud Enrolment

Back in early 2012, we saw the majority of our clients transition their SQL environment off of their Enterprise Agreement and onto the now retired, Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP). The EAP offered substantial discounting for new purchases of both SQL Standard and Enterprise, with the requirement that your entire SQL footprint would be licensed with active Software Assurance. As we head into 2015, soon-to-expire EAPs will move to Microsoft’s Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE). Prior to making this switch, there are several considerations clients need to be aware first before they move to SCE. [Read more…]

The End of Microsoft EAP/ECI…the Beginning of SCE

The End of Microsoft EAP/ECI…the Beginning of SCE

Come November 10, 2013, Microsoft will be launching Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE). SCE is a three-year enrollment under the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) that will replace the soon-to-be retired Enrollment for Core Infrastructure (ECI), Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP), and Enterprise Wide Agreement (EWA) programs.

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