Migrating BPOS to Office 365: Q&A

Considerations about moving from BPOS to Office 365

What does it take to migrate from BPOS to Office 365?

As organizations on Microsoft Online Services, a.k.a BPOS, hear more about the release of Office 365, (which entered public beta this week) there’s plenty of uncertainty as to what the transition will specifically mean to them. So we dug out some of the most common questions and concerns and faced off with one of Softchoice’s Microsoft specialists, James Brannon, to get you the answers you need.

Navigator: When will BPOS customers be able to transition to Office 365?

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Free Blackberry Enterprise Server for Microsoft BPOS/Office 365

bbry microsoft

Microsoft is in the process of updating pricing for Hosted BlackBerry Service for Exchange Online to make this service available free of charge, according to a new official blog post from them today.

Starting today, BlackBerry mobile e-mail for new Exchange Online customers is now free through our Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS).  For existing customers, we expect to be able to provide more information later this month on how you can take advantage of this change.

Hosted Blackberry service will be free with Office 365, after the new cloud productivity suite launches later this year.

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