Clearing up the confusion around Microsoft Office 365 Licensing & SPLA

Clearing up the confusion around Microsoft Office 365 Licensing & SPLA

As a Microsoft Sales Specialist, I’m frequently asked licensing-related questions from our clients.

While I’ve received a lot of questions about SPLA and the benefits of simplified licensing, the number one question at the top of most client’s minds is whether or not they can license Office 365 under SPLA. Read on for the answer.

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Looking to enroll in the SPLA Program? Here’s what you need to know.

Looking to enroll in the SPLA Program? Here’s what you need to know.

So you’ve decided the SPLA program is right for your organization, and you’re  looking to enrol. How do you get started? Not to worry, this is a frequent question clients are facing these days and we’re here to help. [Read more…]

How to Make the Most of the SPLA Price Increase

How to Make the Most of the SPLA Price Increase?

Hosting companies should now be aware of the double-digit price increase that will be hitting SPLA in 2014.

PRODUCT NAME Estimated %
price increase
Windows Server
Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter* 45%
Core Infrastructure Server Suite Datacenter 30%
Windows Server 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Services 27%
System Center
System Center 2012 R2 Client Management Suite 55%
System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager 55%
Dynamics CRM 2013 Basic 40%
Dynamics CRM 2013 Professional 30%
Dynamics GP 2013 Full User SAL 15%
Dynamics NAV 2013 Full User SAL 15%
Dynamics SL 2011 AM Full User SAL 45%
Dynamics SL 2011 AM Light User SAL 27%
Dynamics SL 2011 AM ESS User SAL 145%


How to make the most of the Price Increase? VIRTUALIZE – the greatest increase comes with the Data center license, as the license will accommodate unlimited virtual machines whereas before it was limited to four. There will be minimal increase to the standard edition in 2014. The remote Desktop Services Subscriber Access License will become just under thirty percent more in 2014.

The other major increase comes with selected Dynamics Sku’s, a revamp in CRM now brings Professional, Basic, and Essential users. For a complete summary please check the SPUR, or refer to this CRM Online article.

SPLA 101

What is SPLA?

SPLA stands for the Service Provider Licensing Agreement. The Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is for organizations that want to offer hosted software and services to end customers, such as Web hosting, hosted applications, messaging, collaboration, and platform infrastructure. SPLA partners have the ability to deliver a customized service with a flexible cost structure, no startup costs, no monthly sales minimums or required term of commitment. In short, it is for any organization that hosts Microsoft software to third parties.

What is the SPLA program? I figured since I started a blog about the licensing of the program I should probably start with the basics. [Read more…]

How To License SharePoint 2010 Under SPLA

What products are available and how in the world do you license it? Below is a breakdown on how service providers can utilize SharePoint via the SPLA program.  As always, please follow the SPUR for further clarity and information.  One rule of thumb, if you license SharePoint, you must license Windows and SQL!

SharePoint Foundation

SharePoint Foundation is a free downloadable product but important steps for Service Providers must be followed!   Service providers who are interested in hosting SharePoint Foundation 2010 have to download the bits from a special site and accept the EULA amendment that allows commercial hosting and requires them to report usage if asked by Microsoft. [Read more…]