Podcast: Office 365 licensing essentials

Office 365 licensing - looking into

If you’ve ever had questions about Office 365 licensing, this podcast is for you.

Last week Talking Office 365 featured Softchoice in a discussion about hybrid deployment options and key considerations such as the pros and cons of hosting Exchange in the cloud. [Read more…]

Highlights of Microsoft 365: The New BPOS

highlighterThe one thing consistent in life is change, and no one knows that better than Microsoft.  Many of you have had read, heard, or talked about the Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS).  The first part of 2011 we will see more functionality, applications, and better experience for end users and yes- even a name change.  Office 365 will replace present day BPOS.

At the end of the day, these changes are making it easier for businesses to see value in hosted services.  Besides the name change, Microsoft is adding Office Professional and combining Live Meeting and Office Communicator to one product called “Lync” (set to launch on premise by end of year).

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The clout of cloud: A look at why this buzz technology is buzzing

It feels like you can’t do anything these days without bumping into the elusive cloud. But just as this technology heats up for 2011 — and Microsoft makes its dedication to the cloud more clear than ever – we wanted to answer some of the bigger questions floating around.

We interviewed Laura Hansen-Kohls, Research Analyst with Info-Tech Research Group, to add some clarity to the cloud debate and find out what it means for security, enterprises and the future of your IT department.

Softchoice: How are attitudes toward the cloud changing?

Laura Hansen-Kohls (Info-Tech) : There are trends that are hot because everyone’s doing them, and then there are trends that are hot because everyone’s talking about them. The cloud has been the latter for the past year, but we’re starting to see that shift slowly. We get a lot of calls from clients who just want to check in every six months and see if it’s ready yet. I think generally, people are beginning to understand they can move some services to the cloud, just not necessarily everything – that the cloud isn’t all or nothing.

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