Why businesses aren’t adopting key features of Skype for Business and Lync

Why businesses aren't adopting key features of Skype for Business and Lync

When I was growing up, I absolutely loved my Swiss Army knife. I brought that little red package of magic with me everywhere, especially on camping trips. After a while though, the little plastic toothpick fell out of its slot and was lost for good. Then, same strange thing happened with the tweezers. And another time the spring-hinge snapped out of the little scissors, making them useless.

All of which didn’t mean a thing to me: the knife part was still good. As long as the knife was on it there was no problem. In fact, I don’t even know why they included all those ‘other’ features – all I ever wanted was the knife.

Skype for Business is like that Swiss Army knife.

People are buying a bundle of features, but they’re hardly using any of them. What’s worse, they are not even using the knife, they are using the tweezers (Majority of users are not using video conferencing but rather instant massaging feature).

Not only are companies spending money on unused tools, it’s also seriously hindering their chances at driving real change and results through modern communication & collaboration suite.

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If you can’t measure Office 365 ROI, is it worth it?

If you can’t measure Office 365 ROI, is it worth it?
Think of it like a “tree falling in the forest” type riddle.
If you’ve implemented a new technology, and there’s no way to measure its usage – is anyone actually using it? The answer is, of course, “Who knows!?”

We’ve previously discussed how IT leaders need to be just as focused on adoption as they are on delivering projects on time and on budget. The reason is simple.  if no one uses the technology, then there can be no true return on investment. Fortunately, there is a way to monitor and measure your success with major technology deployments – particularly when it comes to Office 365.

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Starting Office 365? Stay Focused on the Users

Starting Office 365? Four Ways to Keep the User in Focus

All too often, major technology changes, like switching over to Office 365 Hub, are planned and implemented without first consulting the people it affects most: the users.

Just look at these numbers from Why UC Implementations Fail:

  • 77% of employees say they’re not consulted before a new tool is rolled out
  • 58% of employees say they’re not consulted on the tool’s usefulness post implementation

The impact of this short sightedness is more than a few ruffled feathers.

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Skype for Business is Replacing Microsoft Lync. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Skype for Business is Replacing Microsoft Lync. Here's What You Need to Know

Just one month after releasing a technical preview, Microsoft made available the new Skype for Business client and Skype for Business Online, its planned replacements for Microsoft Lync.

In general, this migration should be relatively painless for most organizations. With support for Active Directory, call encryption, and all the essential enterprise class controls of Lync being ported over to the more user friendly Skype interface, it’s a great mashup of two popular apps, and is seen as a welcome change by the Softchoice team.

While it’s good to know what changes to expect, it’s also good to know what your options are. Even the slightest disruption to your workforce means bad news. Read on for advice on how to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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Forget about Office 365 features. Focus on this instead.

Forget about Office 365 features. Focus on this instead.

Microsoft Office 365 comes with a long list of new and re-imagined apps, all delivered from the cloud to the desktop and mobile device. Naturally enough, these features are the first thing any IT manager sees when considering the new productivity suite.

What if there was a better way to look at Microsoft’s new offering – one that knocked features down a peg? What if there was something far more important to guaranteeing the success – both in terms of productivity and financial returns – when planning out your Office 365 road map?

This was exactly what I talked about in our Softchoice series covering Office 365 change management. And what I want you to know is this: you can forget the features. Focus, instead, on this.

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Already Have O365 and Still Waiting to Launch? 8 Big Benefits You’re Missing Out On

Already Have O365 and Still Waiting to Launch? 8 Big Benefits You're Missing Out On

Over the past few years, Office 365 has been the topic of conversation with many of our clients. “Our organization is very unique and cannot run any cloud based apps ”, “We’re not ready to move to the cloud,” “We’re licensed for Office 365, but won’t be deploying anytime soon” are just some of the common responses I often hear.

The truth is, although there is some hesitancy to fully deploy in the cloud and legitimate steps you need to take to do it properly, there are important (and cost-saving) reasons for your organization to activate your Office 365 seats.

Here are 8 big benefits your organization will be rewarded with when you do.

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