How to prepare for Office 365 outages

How to prepare for Office 365 outages

Failing to plan for a cloud service outage is a plan to fail.

And with worker productivity and thousands of dollars on the line for every second of lost connectivity, this worst-case scenario is a costly one – unless the proper steps are taken upfront.

This is one topic top of mind with organizations, especially if you are running on Office 365. So what can they do to prevent and mitigate the risk of downtimes?

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A roadmap every CIO needs when launching Office 365

A Roadmap Every CIO Needs When Launching Office 365

Picture this: It’s your tenth birthday, and you’ve just unwrapped the gift you had begged for all year. A brand new Lego set of your favorite NASA space shuttle. You tear open the box, spread the blocks around the carpet, ready to build, and then you notice it… The instructions are missing.

The example above might seem like a trivial childhood drama – but IT leaders embarking on an Office 365 project are facing a similar sort of surprise. We’ve opened the box, so to speak, expecting huge productivity, simplicity and licensing gains, only to discover we’ve got no user-manual to this complicated, unknown new technology.

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5 Reasons Why Managed Services for Office 365 Makes Good Business Sense

6 Reasons Why Managed Services for Office 365 Makes Good Business Sense

A common myth among IT leaders is that once you move Office to the cloud, the lion’s share of support and maintenance simply disappear.

The reality is quite different.

Quite often, failing to responsibly and accurately manage this new cloud environment causes significant disruptions to the workplace. In fact, 60% of availability and performance errors with the cloud are a direct result of misconfigurations, according to the Enterprise Management Association.  Moreover, 50% of outages (and yes, outages do happen) are caused by change, configuration and hand-off issues.

With all the benefits, it’s no wonder many organizations settle on 24×7, always-on Managed Services for Office 365 to stick handle potentially costly, high-maintenance work and focus on other initiatives, instead.

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