Already Have O365 and Still Waiting to Launch? 8 Big Benefits You’re Missing Out On

Already Have O365 and Still Waiting to Launch? 8 Big Benefits You're Missing Out On

Over the past few years, Office 365 has been the topic of conversation with many of our clients. “Our organization is very unique and cannot run any cloud based apps ”, “We’re not ready to move to the cloud,” “We’re licensed for Office 365, but won’t be deploying anytime soon” are just some of the common responses I often hear.

The truth is, although there is some hesitancy to fully deploy in the cloud and legitimate steps you need to take to do it properly, there are important (and cost-saving) reasons for your organization to activate your Office 365 seats.

Here are 8 big benefits your organization will be rewarded with when you do.

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Microsoft Office for iPad has arrived. Now what?

Microsoft Office for iPad has arrived. Now what?

Four years since the release of the first iPad, and after months of speculation, Microsoft finally announced the release of Office 365 for iPad. Until now, many organizations have been wondering how to use Office features on the iPad, and more importantly how to add the licenses to your current or future agreement. And that’s what this post covers. [Read more…]

Why Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 is the ideal business PC

Why Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 is the ideal business PC

The transformation has started, and Microsoft is on the way to becoming a “Devices and Services” company. It’s doubling down with this fall refresh of the Surface device ecosystem. Cutting ties with the desktop, and adopting the flexibility with the Surface, Microsoft is starting to make some serious plays in the hardware world.

With Surface Pro 2 it took the feedback, critique and lessons from the past year and applied them to their offerings on the Surface platform. The Power Cover, the Dock, Wireless Adapter, backlit keyboards for both Touch and Type Covers, they all have improvements over the original that exceeds expectations. Being able to keep your Cover connected and still utilize the Surface Pro 2 as a full-on desktop was made easy. You no longer have to fiddle with numerous connections, and adapters as you line them up and plug them all in, Microsoft made it simple.

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Licensing Tablets For The Enterprise: A Primer

Tablet guy

As consumers increasingly use tablets in their work life,  IT and licensing managers are facing a new series of headaches. Like it or not, though, tablets in the enterprise are here to stay.

Softchoice wanted to help take the sting out of this brave new world with a primer designed to give guidance for delivering and licensing business apps through tablets.

This new brief, written by Softchoice’s virtualization and licensing experts, focuses on the burdens of trying to license a non-Microsoft OS tablet, such as Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. In it, we cover three common methods to do so:

  • Method 1: VMware infrastructure
  • Method 2: Citrix Infrastructure
  • Method 3: Microsoft only Infrastructure

Download the eBook

Hopefully, getting you the help you need can turn this tablet predicament into a bright spot. After all – enabling workers to be more mobile, and productive, can be an incredible strategic feat.

As the licensing guidelines become more clear in this area (the laws seem to be getting written, as we speak), our team of licensing experts will report back regularly. If you had any specific questions, today, fill in this request form and we’ll get back to you with helpful advice right away.