Use Azure Active Directory to reduce SaaS and cloud management pains

Use Azure Active Directory to reduce SaaS and cloud management pains

Azure Active Directory eases identity management pains

It’s no secret businesses of all sizes are relying more than ever on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud-hosted applications. But this new trend is causing huge headaches for IT administrators, in particular when it comes to managing user identities, allowing access to apps, and synchronizing with on-premise directories.

In our latest Azure webinar, we take a closer look at this growing pain for IT and focus on one of the most effective solutions to help reduce the headaches, called Azure Active Directory.

Watch the recorded webinar from our Softchoice experts or continue reading…

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Skype for Business is Replacing Microsoft Lync. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Skype for Business is Replacing Microsoft Lync. Here's What You Need to Know

Just one month after releasing a technical preview, Microsoft made available the new Skype for Business client and Skype for Business Online, its planned replacements for Microsoft Lync.

In general, this migration should be relatively painless for most organizations. With support for Active Directory, call encryption, and all the essential enterprise class controls of Lync being ported over to the more user friendly Skype interface, it’s a great mashup of two popular apps, and is seen as a welcome change by the Softchoice team.

While it’s good to know what changes to expect, it’s also good to know what your options are. Even the slightest disruption to your workforce means bad news. Read on for advice on how to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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4 Questions Customers Ask About Lync, IM and Presence

Microsoft Lync is a powerful collaborative and communication tool used by both small and enterprise organizations to improve productivity and manage costs.

One of the most interesting aspects of Lync is its ability to introduce a whole new range of ways for people to connect and share using its IM and Presence capabilities. The  challenge however, is to ensure that the IM and Presence  features are well understood before deployment, so that organizations gain the best business advantage from their Lync deployment.

To learn more about Microsoft Lync and its great collaborative features, register for our upcoming webinar hosted by our team of Microsoft Professionals who will discuss:

  • Best practices and recommendations learned from our extensive experience designing and managing hundreds of unified communication implementations
  • Answers to common questions around Lync, IM and Presence
  • The how-to’s of integrating Lync with legacy PBXs
  • The Basics of SIP Trunking –a primer for the future
The webinar will be followed by a Q&A so you will have an opportunity to discuss your unique challenges with our Microsoft experts. Register Now!

Over the past couple of years, we’ve completed many Microsoft Lync deployments for customers all over North America, and in each engagement, we’ve found that a few common questions around Lync, IM and Presence always come up. We thought we’d compile four of the most common questions and answers for you here, to make your Lync deployment easier, so here they are:

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