Enterprise Windows SA Per User Licensing: What it is, and how to get it

Enterprise Windows SA Per User licensing: What it is, and how to get it

How many devices do you or each of your coworkers own or use on a daily basis? Whether for business purposes or pleasure, it is safe to say that we have well surpassed Bill Gate’s vision of a personal computer being in every home. As devices became more affordable and we became more dependent on technology, it was evident that Microsoft would need to evolve their licensing protocols.

True to their promise of providing more flexible access to the software that made them the tech giant that they are, friendly Windows Desktop OS licensing is coming to a any device near you.

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Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS): Coming Soon To An EA Near You

Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS): Coming soon to an EA near you

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a push from Microsoft around the subscription-based product lines of Office 365, CRM Online and Azure. Along with these hosted application server offerings and subscription-based licensing options for the Office Pro Plus productivity suite, Microsoft is making its next major strategic move into solving mobility challenges for its customers.

On December 1st, 2014, Microsoft will begin offering its enterprise level customers a new user-based licensing option for desktop OS (Windows 7 & 8) clients. This is a major change from Microsoft’s “device only” licensing model currently available. A new volume licensing option called Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS) has been created, and will include Office 365 Plan E3, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and the new desktop OS user-based licensing.

There will be add-on licensing models for existing Enterprise Agreement customers and a new User Subscription Licensing (USL) option for new Enterprise Agreement level customers.

What Enterprise Cloud Suite USL looks like:

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