Forget about Office 365 features. Focus on this instead.

Forget about Office 365 features. Focus on this instead.

Microsoft Office 365 comes with a long list of new and re-imagined apps, all delivered from the cloud to the desktop and mobile device. Naturally enough, these features are the first thing any IT manager sees when considering the new productivity suite.

What if there was a better way to look at Microsoft’s new offering – one that knocked features down a peg? What if there was something far more important to guaranteeing the success – both in terms of productivity and financial returns – when planning out your Office 365 road map?

This was exactly what I talked about in our Softchoice series covering Office 365 change management. And what I want you to know is this: you can forget the features. Focus, instead, on this.

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Stop Paying for Ex-Employees’ Email. Office 365’s Retention Rules!

Stop Paying for Ex-Employee’s Email, Office 365’s Retention Rules

I’ve never spoken with anyone that enjoys managing their E-mail environment. Storage, time, and sanity are all things that IT would like to get back and moving to Exchange Online with O365 can help do just that.

However, fields with long term information requirements such as healthcare, finance, and legal have been especially leery about moving their E-mail to the cloud because of the need for long term retention. Legal departments, those pesky folks that think “Megabyte” is the name of a Sci-Fi channel horror movie, demand varying years of retention in case of litigation. Until recently, there were 3 ways to achieve this requirement if someone left the organization: [Read more…]