3 Case Studies: Enterprises Bank On Azure For Infrastructure In The Cloud

3 Quick Case Studies: Enterprises Bank On Azure For Infrastructure In The Cloud

It’s no secret – organizations have a hard time putting their most critical workloads and data into the public cloud. Fears abound. Delays and hesitations result.

That doesn’t mean it’s not being done. In fact, we come across organizations every day leading the charge into the enterprise public cloud, whether it be Hybrid or all in. Read on as we highlight three companies – organizations we feel are visionaries, unlocking the cutting edge competitiveness of services like Microsoft Azure, long before it becomes the norm.

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Lync is finding its voice in the UC space

Toyota recently announced plans to deploy a cutting-edge, unified Microsoft communications and collaboration solution – one that includes voice, IM, video and productivity – to nearly a quarter million of its employees.

The Japan-based automaker, which holds offices worldwide, unveiled its plans to deploy the full Microsoft collaboration suite to 200,000 global employees on October 1st, 2012. While this may be big news for Toyota, the move further illustrates the “enterprise-class quality and scalability” of the platform, said Microsoft’s chief operating officer Kevin Turner in a press release.

This major announcement is a signal to IT leadership that it’s time to take a closer look at Microsoft’s full unified collaboration and communications offering. [Read more…]

Exploring the benefits of SAM: Microsoft case study

Case studyAs a full-time Software Asset Management (SAM) “guru” at Softchoice, I wanted to share an excellent case study from Microsoft to illustrate the benefits of involving SAM professionals in your IT Asset Management practice.

Univision, a 4,500-seat multimedia broadcasting corporation based in New York, was struggling with the reconciliation of their installed Microsoft software products against their licensed entitlements, introducing liability and compliance risks – potentially very costly gaps in understanding.

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