Say hello to Azure’s arsenal of backup and disaster recovery solutions

Say hello to Azure’s arsenal of backup and disaster recovery solutions

Originally published in November 2015. Updated: May 18, 2016. New on-demand Webinar

We used to just worry about the unlikely natural disaster and the odd communications breakdown when planning for backup and recovery. But these days, an entirely new breed of threats have emerged that promise to knock out your business applications and data the first chance they get. From cyber crime, to cyberterrorism and mobile and cloud computing complexities, handling these new threats with the same old tools simply isn’t possible.

But there is hope. New platforms and best practices are emerging that allow businesses to better prepare for backup and recovery.

This was the topic that drove a recent Softchoice webinar, centered on how your business can more effectively, simply and securely provide a robust DR and BC strategy leveraging a suite of Azure based technologies from Microsoft.

Watch the latest on-demand webinar:

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Prediction: 5 Things to Expect from Microsoft in FY15

Prediction: 5 Things to Expect from Microsoft in FY15

With Microsoft’s 2014 fiscal year now behind us, it should come as no surprise that Office 365 was their main focus in 2014. Even the release of SQL 2014 and the new licensing implications were shadowed by driving adoption of Office 365. In years past, Microsoft focused its discounts on early commitments and renewals, but in 2014 the incentives from Microsoft were dependent upon transitioning users to the cloud.

The majority of deals our Licensing Specialists worked through included Office 365 – whether for the technology or simply the licensing mechanism to solicit discounting. Mid-way through its fiscal year, Microsoft decided to reduce the cost of O365 user licenses by 15%. This accelerated the adoption rate, especially when coupled with the Fast Track Deployment promotion. The Fast Track offered up to $20,000 in deployment funding to have Solutions Integrators assist with your activation and migration of users to one or all of the cloud hosted technologies.

Where will the incentives come from in 2015 to continue the momentum to the cloud licensing model? Fast track officially ended June 30, 2014 and from what we are hearing, the previous 15% discount on O365 will most likely be going away soon. This is unfortunate, since the discount really did assist with the broader adoption of Office 365.

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