Why Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 is the ideal business PC

Why Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 is the ideal business PC

The transformation has started, and Microsoft is on the way to becoming a “Devices and Services” company. It’s doubling down with this fall refresh of the Surface device ecosystem. Cutting ties with the desktop, and adopting the flexibility with the Surface, Microsoft is starting to make some serious plays in the hardware world.

With Surface Pro 2 it took the feedback, critique and lessons from the past year and applied them to their offerings on the Surface platform. The Power Cover, the Dock, Wireless Adapter, backlit keyboards for both Touch and Type Covers, they all have improvements over the original that exceeds expectations. Being able to keep your Cover connected and still utilize the Surface Pro 2 as a full-on desktop was made easy. You no longer have to fiddle with numerous connections, and adapters as you line them up and plug them all in, Microsoft made it simple.

So, why is Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 an ideal business PC?

The BYOD workplace is here and it isn’t going anywhere. With companies all over now making plans to adapt their environment to accommodate the needs of their employees and their devices this tech-friendly environment is here to stay. And with the Surface platform Microsoft is able to accommodate both the traditional workplace and this new environment. You need a machine that is fast – not just fast, but blazing fast – to really function well. Microsoft is touting that Surface is faster than 95% of all laptops on the market today.

But speed isn’t the only necessary factor for IT environments, manageability, and usability are also key. Loaded with Windows 8.1 Pro the Surface works smooth as silk on both touch and non-touch devices, thanks to the return of the Start Button, boot to Desktop, full Multi-Monitor support, and a docking station. When you pair the improvements in the software to those made on the hardware, it provides the perfect solution for any work environment, the “one device for everything…” just like Microsoft wanted.

Now the Surface Pro 2 wasn’t the only Surface update, but Microsoft shook off the first release bugs of the Surface RT and made room for the Surface 2. The device now gives a complete experience with the necessary power behind it to run full blown Outlook at the speed with which you are accustomed on your primary machine. The lighter and thinner casing coupled and longer battery life  are all welcome changes. However with the addition of Outlook, Surface Pro 2 really becomes a device that can be used in any work environment. The all-day battery life, an updated LCD panel that brings the 1080p fused Clear Black Touchscreen from the Pro to its little brother, the 2nd position for the kickstand and lighter weight all work to make this latest version best in show. Yes, lighter, faster and thinner could have been predicted, but the LCD, USB 3.0 and increase in raw power that NVidia’s Tegra 4 chip provide are improvements that make this device a serious contender. Combine those features with some additions on the software front, we already mentioned Outlook, but Mobile Device Management, 3rd party VPN Clients and now workplace join, the user is now able to manage their mobile ecosystem much more efficiently.

Microsoft has selected Softchoice to be one of the only handful of partners able to sell Surface devices in North America. Please reach out to your Softchoice Account Manager for more information.

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