What happens when you press the XP Panic Button

What happens when you press the XP Panic Button

April 8th 2014 marks the official end of Microsoft’s support for Windows XP. Which means if you haven’t taken the steps to migrate off this dying OS yet, well….you’re panicking (and we don’t blame you – you’re putting your whole organization at risk).

Whatever prompted the decision to wait doesn’t really matter anymore. What matters now is focusing on keeping your data and environment safe. That’s why we’ve outlined the next steps you need to take.

Before April 8th, disconnect all XP-powered PCs and computers from the Internet. This ensures that any external security threats (and don’t kid yourself – hackers have been gleefully waiting for this day to come) are cut off at the source.

After that, you have two options:

Option 1: Call Softchoice to arrange the following:

  • An exploratory call with your Softchoice Account Manager. We’ll quarterback your XP migration. If you don’t have an Account Manager, we’ll make an introduction
  • A free consultation with Softchoice Solution Architects to walk through your options, and design a realistic, affordable plan
  • A slow-release of your state of panic

Option 2: Determine alternative uses for your out dated, off-line hardware:
(here are some suggestions)

PC-1              PC-5

PC-6   PC-3

PC-2   PC-4

The choice is yours. Just remember, we are here to help you.

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