8 reasons to care about Azure Resource Manager

8 reasons to care about Azure Resource Manager

In the beginning, when Azure was new and most organizations were just dipping their toes tentatively into the water, it was usual to deploy a single VM here or a blob storage there. There wasn’t a whole lot to manage as there wasn’t a whole lot up there for most. However, now that many have jumped in and found the water to be just fine, larger and more complex solutions are being deployed necessitating a need for a tool to help manage the resources that make up those solutions.

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Cloud security is a shared responsibility: Azure tools and webinar

Cloud security

Even if cloud providers take most of the hard work off your plate, you shouldn’t take lightly your own responsibilities – what Amazon or Microsoft aren’t going to do for you.

One of the most important of these responsibilities is – security – or at least some aspects of it. When you are leveraging the cloud as a platform for business applications, security duties are split between you and the provider.

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Modern Tools For Modern Application Development








Let’s face it. It’s never been more challenging to deliver modern software that end-users want to use, wherever and whenever they want. The consumerization of IT means end-users have bigger ideas and higher expectations than ever. They’re showing up to work with their own tablets, mobile devices and laptops, and they are demanding to interact with business applications on every platform.

Through investments in development infrastructure such as Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), organizations will meet the challenge of delivering modern apps.

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Microsoft pushing out IE9 via Windows Update; business web apps may be affected

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is being pushed out in June 2011

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) will be pushed out through Windows Update in June 2011

As Microsoft plans on broadly rolling out Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) to users at the end of June 2011 by using Windows Update, according to official blogs, IT leaders will need to understand how this impacts their web-based applications.

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Episode 4 Dev Tools Q&A: The real reason for upgrading to TFS 2010

In the final segment of this interview series, I ask Adam Gallant from Microsoft what he believes is the real reason organizations should upgrade to Team Foundation Server 2010.

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Episode 3 Dev Tools Q&A: The coolest feature of TFS 2010

In this third segment, I talk with Adam Gallant about what he thinks is the coolest new feature of Team Foundation Server 2010.