Right-size your Azure for best financial returns

Azure consumption management

What do Azure and cell phone bills have in common? As it turns out, a lot.

As unfortunate as it is, it’s pretty common to go over your mobile phone voice and data limits. What do most of us do? We pay the bill – regardless of the overcharges. Some of us change to a more appropriate plan or start monitoring data consumption to avoid hefty surcharges.

These are common sense strategies for battling out-of-control phone bills — right-sizing your plan and gaining insight and control.

These are also exactly the strategies needed for proper Azure financial management.

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Microsoft Azure Security, Compliance Fears Are Slowing Adoption – Should They Be?

Microsoft Azure Security, Compliance Fears Are Slowing Adoption - Should They Be?

It might seem contradictory.

One one hand, a majority of businesses are now considering leveraging the public cloud to get their business done, and get it done at levels of efficiency never before possible. But at the same time, the concept of the cloud still instills fear and concerns across all levels of the business.

With so much on the line, and the cloud being seen as the key to competitiveness in the years to come, can businesses afford to be ambivalent about its value? And when it comes to Microsoft Azure, their own cloud platform, many organizations are treading lightly, unsure how to proceed. Is it something to fear, or to embrace?

Read on, as we put these fears to rest.

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Microsoft PKI & Cisco Identity Services: Why You Need Both to Keep Your Data Secure

Microsoft PKI & Cisco Identity Services: Why You Need Both to Keep Your Data Secure

Target … DigiNotar … LinkedIn …

What do all of these high-profile data breaches have in common?

Authentication gone wrong.

Target and LinkedIn are still dealing with aftermath of their data breaches. Dutch public CA, DigiNotar, immediately ceased operations and a few months later filed for bankruptcy, in the wake of an intruder gaining control of its servers.

What happened to these businesses may sound like every IT professional’s worst nightmare, but in today’s era of bring-your-own device and unsecured wireless networks, it’s easy for your data to fall into the wrong hands.

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Why An Easy Migration From Windows XP Includes SCCM


The software delivery model is fundamentally changing. We’re not seeing big-splash releases anymore. Instead, we’re seeing a continuous deployment stream of updates, upgrades and patches.

With the death of Windows XP it doesn’t really matter if you’re moving to Windows 7 or 8 — just as long as you’re moving forward. Which OS you choose depends on which version best fits your needs. Factors that should be top of mind include which OS will be less of a shock to your users, and which version your app vendors will be able to support.

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Why the death of Windows XP is a blessing in disguise

XP End of Life

The death of Windows XP has been a long time coming. If you’re in denial or you’ve been prolonging the pain of migrating to the next version of Windows, it’s time to face the music: XP has reached its end of life.

This means more than a standard desktop OS upgrade (possibly one you’ve been putting off for the past five years). It’s going to touch almost every aspect of your IT infrastructure.

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