Enterprise Windows SA Per User Licensing: What it is, and how to get it

Enterprise Windows SA Per User licensing: What it is, and how to get it

How many devices do you or each of your coworkers own or use on a daily basis? Whether for business purposes or pleasure, it is safe to say that we have well surpassed Bill Gate’s vision of a personal computer being in every home. As devices became more affordable and we became more dependent on technology, it was evident that Microsoft would need to evolve their licensing protocols.

True to their promise of providing more flexible access to the software that made them the tech giant that they are, friendly Windows Desktop OS licensing is coming to a any device near you.

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EAP to SCE: How to move from Enrollment for Application Platform to Server and Cloud Enrollment

How to move from Enterprise for Application Platform to Server Cloud Enrolment

Back in early 2012, we saw the majority of our clients transition their SQL environment off of their Enterprise Agreement and onto the now retired, Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP). The EAP offered substantial discounting for new purchases of both SQL Standard and Enterprise, with the requirement that your entire SQL footprint would be licensed with active Software Assurance. As we head into 2015, soon-to-expire EAPs will move to Microsoft’s Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE). Prior to making this switch, there are several considerations clients need to be aware first before they move to SCE. [Read more…]

Prediction: 5 Things to Expect from Microsoft in FY15

Prediction: 5 Things to Expect from Microsoft in FY15

With Microsoft’s 2014 fiscal year now behind us, it should come as no surprise that Office 365 was their main focus in 2014. Even the release of SQL 2014 and the new licensing implications were shadowed by driving adoption of Office 365. In years past, Microsoft focused its discounts on early commitments and renewals, but in 2014 the incentives from Microsoft were dependent upon transitioning users to the cloud.

The majority of deals our Licensing Specialists worked through included Office 365 – whether for the technology or simply the licensing mechanism to solicit discounting. Mid-way through its fiscal year, Microsoft decided to reduce the cost of O365 user licenses by 15%. This accelerated the adoption rate, especially when coupled with the Fast Track Deployment promotion. The Fast Track offered up to $20,000 in deployment funding to have Solutions Integrators assist with your activation and migration of users to one or all of the cloud hosted technologies.

Where will the incentives come from in 2015 to continue the momentum to the cloud licensing model? Fast track officially ended June 30, 2014 and from what we are hearing, the previous 15% discount on O365 will most likely be going away soon. This is unfortunate, since the discount really did assist with the broader adoption of Office 365.

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Already Have O365 and Still Waiting to Launch? 8 Big Benefits You’re Missing Out On

Already Have O365 and Still Waiting to Launch? 8 Big Benefits You're Missing Out On

Over the past few years, Office 365 has been the topic of conversation with many of our clients. “Our organization is very unique and cannot run any cloud based apps ”, “We’re not ready to move to the cloud,” “We’re licensed for Office 365, but won’t be deploying anytime soon” are just some of the common responses I often hear.

The truth is, although there is some hesitancy to fully deploy in the cloud and legitimate steps you need to take to do it properly, there are important (and cost-saving) reasons for your organization to activate your Office 365 seats.

Here are 8 big benefits your organization will be rewarded with when you do.

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Microsoft Office for iPad has arrived. Now what?

Microsoft Office for iPad has arrived. Now what?

Four years since the release of the first iPad, and after months of speculation, Microsoft finally announced the release of Office 365 for iPad. Until now, many organizations have been wondering how to use Office features on the iPad, and more importantly how to add the licenses to your current or future agreement. And that’s what this post covers. [Read more…]

Windows 7: The Gateway to Windows 8

It has now been nearly two years since Microsoft announced the launch of Windows 7. Since the release, Windows 7 quickly became the fastest selling and strongest start to an Operating System in history with more than 7 copies sold per second and outpacing the sales of Windows XP 3 to 1. This is a huge accomplishment for Microsoft, especially coming off of a not-so-well adopted Windows Vista. With Windows XP being more than a decade old, it is imperative for organizations to start upgrading their PCs to meet the needs of the modern consumer and a modern workforce. 

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