Microsoft Simplifies the Select Plus Program

The Select Plus agreement, launched in October 2008, was designed for organizations with 250 or more PCs and allows customers to make transactional purchases from three product pools: applications, servers, and systems. Discount price levels are established based on points per product pool and updated as purchases are made. Software Assurance (Microsoft’s term for maintenance or upgrade protection) is optional.

In response to customer’s needs for greater flexibility and ease of manageability, Microsoft made two changes to the Select Plus program that took effect in March 2011.

Change to how rollover points are accounted for: [Read more…]

Updates to the Core CAL go live on August 1st


Change Ahead SignBack in March, Softchoice announced the changes coming to Core CAL from Microsoft.  These changes go live August 1st.  Over the past four months Softchoice has been communicating the updates to our potentially impacted customers.  For the most part, we have received positive feedback and enthusiasm about the changes (We would love to hear from you! Please use the comments section below to add your thoughts).  For more information on the specific licensing changes, I do recommend revisiting our previous post found here for context before continuing on with this post. [Read more…]