Automation: Virtualized Storage’s Amplifier…Rock On!

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.

 – Bill Gates, Microsoft Co-Founder 

 In earlier posts I touched on the benefits of networked storage, tiered storage and storage virtualization. All of these great advancements were brought on by conditions within business and the economy where people were creating and using data at a breakneck pace while reducing their willingness to invest in the infrastructure to support these habits.  The result of these innovations over the last decade was making great improvements in efficiency in the overall storage network.

 While the last two decades brought about great advancements in infrastructure technologies, another phenomenon was taking place – the true integration of technology into business.  Technology is no longer thought of as a “back office” function for one or two areas within a business.  The majority of business leaders, while not always personally proficient with technology, understand the impact it can have when applied strategically to solve a business problem or improve operational efficiencies.

 We have entered a day where the application is king and everyone has “an app for that”.  Infrastructure architects that understand this are worth their weight in gold.  Too many in the vendor community today have lost sight that even though infrastructure technology is our business, it is not our clients’ business.  I always tell our team that our customers don’t buy infrastructure because they want to.  They buy it because they have to!

 Today, technology is irrelevant outside of the context of the application it supports.  The advances in storage have made storage environments more efficient, IT more responsive and enabled companies to match their investment in storage to the value of the application and its data.  Even with these advances, there is still a significant amount of management of storage infrastructures taking place.  [Read more…]