Top 3 Reasons Your Wireless Sucks

Top 3 Reasons Your Wireless Sucks

“Our wireless sucks. I’m truly embarrassed, when my client asks for internet access in our boardroom. I’m constantly having to reconnect to the wireless. IT must not realize this is important to me.”

Your users are likely thinking these things – if not yelling them at you and most IT organizations don’t have a great remedy to the situation. So, why does your wireless suck?

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Protect Your Infrastructure from Maintenance Sprawl

Simplicity is among the principal advantages of implementing a virtual infrastructure, but few talk about the complexity that can come with it. Often, companies are far down the virtualization road before realizing the challenges they’ll face … and have done nothing to prepare for them. Virtual machine sprawl can be as vexing as that of physical equipment, making careful planning necessary to make your virtual infrastructure as efficient as possible.

The focus on reducing the physical server footprint can obscure the challenge that comes with the growing number of systems in your enterprise. Virtualizing may lower your costs and increase operational efficiency, but it doesn’tcure every aspect of rising datacenter complexity. Staying cognizant of this is crucial when virtualizing your infrastructure. Unrealistic expectations can make a well-executed virtual server infrastructure rollout seem unsuccessful – regardless of the reality.

There’s no doubt that server virtualization can reduce expenses, simplify IT management and accelerate ROI, but it doesn’t solve every problem in the datacenter. Be sure to note what virtualization does (and does not) accomplish, and manage expectations accordingly. Virtualization, in fact, should be part of a broader integrated IT strategy that includes both physical and virtual sprawl remedies. This combination can provide profound budgetary and staff relief, leading to enterprise-wide productivity gains.

Virtualization is a must for today’s crowded datacenter, but it’s not the only item on your agenda. Virtual machines can sprawl, too.