5 Communication Tool Rollout Tips For Happier Employees

5 communication tool rollout tips for happier employees

Employees today have more ways to communicate and collaborate than ever before, from desk phones and email to productivity apps in the cloud, instant messaging, video conferencing and smartphones. Many IT managers, however, are hesitant to invest in new collaboration technology, most claiming the tools they’ve already implemented to help employees work faster, smarter and happier are not being used to their potential.

As we’ve seen before, what end users want is rarely in perfect alignment with what IT departments provide. When selecting and introducing new office communication tools – which employees rely on regularly – even small discrepancies in priorities can result in major gaps in user adoption and even job satisfaction.

In our recent study, Working Hard or Hardly Networked we surveyed employees and IT managers to explore IT departments’ processes around unified communication (UC) and collaboration tool rollouts, and their impact on employee user habits and overall happiness.

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Does Your Infrastructure Have the “Right Stuff” to Win the Virtual Space Race? – UPDATED

Does Your IT Infrastructure Have the “Right Stuff” to Win the Virtual Space Race?

Editors note: our virtualization expert Stephen Akuffo weighs in on the Virtual Space Race Study – see his notes below.

Technology is changing the way we do business every day in every way. We are constantly searching for ways to become more efficient, more flexible and more responsive. We want solutions that can be implemented in days, not weeks. We want innovation without compromising security. And, most importantly, we want reliability.

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Video: How Softchoice Dogs, Ninjas and Top Guns Deliver a Better Cisco Solution

While you might know that Softchoice recently was recognized as one of the top tech firms in North America, you probably didn’t know that we also fall into the top 2% of Cisco partners with masters certification levels in UC and Security!

To show our committment to all-things Cisco, we put together a short video that does a way better job telling the story than we could in words. If you like dogs, ninjas and IT Top Guns, we think this video is for you.

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Services Spotlight: Healthcare Industry Podcast

This is an exciting time in the world of communication technologies. It holds the promise of great opportunity as well as some daunting challenges around implementing, managing and maintaining new and evolving technologies.

At Softchoice, we’ve spent many years working closely with a variety of  industries, helping them adapt, grow and thrive in spite of economic change and technology evolutions. With all that experience and knowledge behind us, we thought it would be interesting to hear from the Softchoice team directly, to share their insights and perspectives on what technology trends are most likely to deliver competitive advantage, improved customer service and operational efficiencies now and in the future.

Healthcare Services Industry Spotlight: Podcast with Robert High

Robert High, Director, Professional Services has recently completed several healthcare projects helping hospitals solve their technology challenges. In this podcast, he describes how rapid changes in technology are affecting healthcare organizations today.

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Doesn’t matter where you’re working

WAN optimization: the same network experience for all.

 As virtualization and cloud computing drive more and more traffic over wide area networks (WANs), end users are expecting and demanding connectivity to access their applications from anywhere and any device, any time. This in spite of the fact that poor application response times at remote sites are one of the biggest perceived hurdles to moving to the cloud in the first place.

 The challenge for IT then is to take on this performance and perception challenge by making the experience as seamless as possible for the end user, both in terms of application response and data transfer time. WAN optimization technologies are an effective way increase bandwidth and deliver application, data and experience consistently, scalably and cost-effectively so that users have the same network experience.

 Part of this challenge is not only to make the experience device-aware but bandwidth-aware too, so that you have the ability to change the way content is delivered based on the bandwidth that’s available. There are also a variety of techniques that can reduce, [Read more…]

Leaving the dirt road network behind

There was a time, back in the horse and buggy days or even the early days of automobiles, where dirt roads were just fine. They could be a little dusty or muddy at times but they fit the technology requirements well enough. They did the job. But once technology improved, once heavier cars and particularly trucks – like 18-wheelers for instance – started making their way onto our transportation infrastructure, that infrastructure had to catch up. We needed asphalt roads, interstate highways, stronger bridges, a transportation network that could get us where we wanted to go more quickly and securely.

That’s a little bit like where you are right now on your enterprise’s journey to the cloud. No, you won’t need some fancy Star Trek transporter device to get you up there – at least not yet. You simply need a network infrastructure that offers better bandwidth and throughput, one that does a better job of [Read more…]