Securing Passwords in Business: What You Really Need To Know

Another week, another breach! It seems like every week we’re hearing about another major website’s secure passwords being compromised. Personal information is either being leaked for malicious purposes, or hackers are showing off their prowess for accessing “secure” information.

Last week 3 major websites reported their customer passwords were compromised:

If you have an account on any of these sites, it is highly recommended that you change your password immediately. Also no funny business: make sure that you use a different password on each of them.

Imagine someone contacting your business relationships. Or using your identity to manipulate business relationships you have spent time building. Or just as bad, manipulating personal relationships you are developing. When you use the same password for most of your services (including work systems) you make it very easy for someone to get into many – or all – of them.

Here are my recommendations for password management best practices to reduce your risk of exposure.

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