Doesn’t matter where you’re working

WAN optimization: the same network experience for all.

 As virtualization and cloud computing drive more and more traffic over wide area networks (WANs), end users are expecting and demanding connectivity to access their applications from anywhere and any device, any time. This in spite of the fact that poor application response times at remote sites are one of the biggest perceived hurdles to moving to the cloud in the first place.

 The challenge for IT then is to take on this performance and perception challenge by making the experience as seamless as possible for the end user, both in terms of application response and data transfer time. WAN optimization technologies are an effective way increase bandwidth and deliver application, data and experience consistently, scalably and cost-effectively so that users have the same network experience.

 Part of this challenge is not only to make the experience device-aware but bandwidth-aware too, so that you have the ability to change the way content is delivered based on the bandwidth that’s available. There are also a variety of techniques that can reduce, [Read more…]