Why buying servers for each application won’t cut it.

Still buying servers for each application? It’s time to get on board with virtualization.  

Inertia can be a powerful force. Whether it’s the inertia that comes from a lack of understanding and fear of the unknown or the kind that comes from believing something ought to be done a certain way because, heck, it’s always been done that way, so why change? Either way, inertia on the IT front is a recipe for watching your business fall behind.

The reality is, at least when it comes to virtualization, if your organization is not on board in a very real way, and you or your organization still believe that it makes sense to buy a server for every application you’re using, someone’s missing some of the most basic efficiencies that virtualization offers – for instance, needlessly increasing electrical consumption disproportionate to the value of the application and needlessly increasing administrative burden on IT staff. What that means is you can be seriously overspending and under-delivering for your organization. That’s the bottom line – literally and figuratively.

But, you might be thinking or dealing with people in your organization who resist, telling you: “I heard that not all applications can be virtualized, so why bother? It’s just too risky.” That may be one of the most common misconceptions of virtualization and it happens to mostly be wrong. The truth is, if diligence is done to properly design an environment for an application, there are very few that cannot be virtualized. And even if there is some risk [Read more…]