Rolling out a ‘virtualize first’ rule for new IT applications.

 Virtualize first: The #1 rule for new IT applications.

 There are a ton of things you can’t completely predict when it comes to the growth, responsiveness and success of your IT infrastructure. But one that you can bet on, if you’re going to keep pace with change and become or remain a highly efficient and competitive organization, is the need for new applications. Whether it’s an enterprise resource planning tool, a purchasing tool, an HR tool or anything in between, applications will continue to expand in your data center.

 And no matter what tool, service or application you integrate into your IT infrastructure, one rule that should trump nearly everything else is its ability to be virtualized. Because as I’ve mentioned if you’ve adopted a one server per application model, it turns out you’re wasting a lot of resources that most organizations these days really can’t afford to. You’re stepping backwards in terms of your opportunity to be efficient and maximize your capital expenses over the long term.

 So how do you do it? How do you make a ‘virtualize first’ rule work when you’re looking at introducing a new application or service to your IT environment? Realize that with a one server per application model, you’re probably actually going to have to [Read more…]