Guess what? Virtualization works for your applications too

 So you’re sold on virtualization being the answer to controlling hardware costs in your organization’s long-awaited great Windows 7 implementation. But, you may be wondering, what about all my apps? In other words, you’ve found a resource-friendly way to implement Windows 7 but you worry that won’t amount to a hill of beans for users if your current applications aren’t supported by the new OS. And the time and cost associated with updating all those apps to make them compatible with Windows 7 just isn’t in the cards.

 Well, not to sound like a broken record, but virtualization can help here too.

 How? It’s quite simple. Once your operating system is virtualized – residing on servers in your new data center – it’s able to work independently of your applications and vice versa. That means with virtualization you can take applications that, say, once only ran on your old Windows XP operating system, place them on a centralized server and deliver them to Windows 7 machines – all the while having them remain completely independent of those machines. [Read more…]