Leaving the dirt road network behind

There was a time, back in the horse and buggy days or even the early days of automobiles, where dirt roads were just fine. They could be a little dusty or muddy at times but they fit the technology requirements well enough. They did the job. But once technology improved, once heavier cars and particularly trucks – like 18-wheelers for instance – started making their way onto our transportation infrastructure, that infrastructure had to catch up. We needed asphalt roads, interstate highways, stronger bridges, a transportation network that could get us where we wanted to go more quickly and securely.

That’s a little bit like where you are right now on your enterprise’s journey to the cloud. No, you won’t need some fancy Star Trek transporter device to get you up there – at least not yet. You simply need a network infrastructure that offers better bandwidth and throughput, one that does a better job of [Read more…]