Surviving BYOA: Our Top 3 Apps for Work

While BYOD (bring-your-own-device) seems to be a major concern of IT administrators today, BYOA – or bring-your-own-application – is becoming increasingly as significant. Using third-party applications and cloud services in the workplace brings about a host of control, security and productivity considerations. And just like BYOD, BYOA is real. According to a recent Fortinet study of over 3,800 active employees in their twenties, 69 percent indicated that they were interested in creating and using their own applications, while 30 percent admitted they would likely contravene any restrictive company policies.

In this next BYOD Behind the Scenes expedition, I took a look at industry trends and conducted a poll of Softchoice employees to compile our top 3 applications to bring to work! Share this list to with your users and ensure they’re getting the most out of their chosen devices and can make the safest, most productive decisions for your company.

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The Advantages of Virtualizing Mission-Critical Applications

“Mission-critical” means that reliability can’t be compromised. The applications on which business users rely every day to generate revenue, service clients and keep the company operating need to be as close to bulletproof as possible. In pursuing this, many IT departments are forced to over-invest in infrastructure, constraining budgets and making other investments impossible (or at least delaying them). Application virtualization can alleviate this problem, ensuring that Tier 1 applications remain sufficiently protected without creating a disproportionate burden on your IT budget.

Quite simply, application virtualization makes sure your applications come first – not your budget.

The issue of protecting the availability and performance of mission-critical applications comes down to resources – like just about everything else in your IT infrastructure. When utilization spikes, especially unexpectedly, what is the result?  [Read more…]