Why are you still delivering OS as a device?

 Once upon a time, you delivered an operating system to your employees on their desktop devices – or maybe you still are. You had applications and user profiles on your desktops too. And of course, your service level agreements (SLAs) were tied to the hardware as well because the hardware counted most. If it broke, the OS was gone, the applications and profile were gone. Hardware was king.

 Then a funny thing called virtualization happened. With all your layers of abstraction transferred to your data center, particularly your organization’s OS, you’re now able offer that OS as a service to any device, anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t matter if your employees are on a PC or Mac, an iPad or iPhone, a BYOC system, next door to your data center or halfway around the world. Virtualization has made hardware – and where that hardware physically sits – incidental in a very real way. Software, it turns out, is king now.

 And because you’ve standardized user profiles, virtualized your operating systems, virtualized the applications, it means you can quickly provision or automate the process to deploy to new employees or send out updates more efficiently than ever before. With OS as a service, you can literally tell an employee to visit a URL and through a universal client, the OS will show up on their devices automatically, the applications too. It’s all automated as a service and you’re done.

 The result holds the promise of greater security and control over your environment, greater ease and productivity for IT – and, of course, reduced IT costs as well.

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