The Ultimate Security Guide: A Better Way To Manage The Ever-Changing Security Landscape

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According to the US Cyber Security Task Force, from October 2011 to February 2012 there were over 50,000 attempted or successful computer network intrusions in the United States alone. This makes security the fastest evolving area of IT today. As virtualization, cloud and BYOD continue to grow, expect a new set of threats to emerge that require new technologies to address them. These new threats are best contained by a holistic approach to security, an approach marked by a lower total cost of ownership as well as vendor and solution consolidation. The alternate strategy of purchasing individual point products often results in management and protection gaps.

To help you build an impenetrable IT environment, the Softchoice team has assembled the Ultimate Security Guide. We’ve collaborated with our internal security experts and top security partners to bring  you the most comprehensive guide available. Our Ultimate Security Guide gives you:

  • An overview of the critical areas that must be secured in your environment
  • A complete list of the types of security solutions available for each area
  • An interactive map with links to relevant and timely blog posts on the latest security products available
In addition, the Ultimate Security Guide offers  detailed vendor landscapes & a selection tool to help pick the right solution for you – a $5,000 valueDownload the guide now and let us know your thoughts by entering your comments below or contacting me directly with your questions and comments.

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