Take The Guesswork Out of Your Mobile Network

Take the guesswork out of your mobile network

Depending on your organization, BYOD means a lot of different things. BYOD can be a welcome change (employee retention, talent acquisition, employee satisfaction, productivity enhancement, lower IT costs, and potentially customer satisfaction) or a challenge (security, access/restriction of data, lost devices, etc).

Regardless, the first step is knowing the who’s, what’s and where’s of your network. The Softchoice Mobility TechCheck gives you visibility into how many devices and what kind of devices are already on your network.

With this data, companies can start to develop a plan around BYOD, such as:

  • Should companies provide freedom of choice or restrict choice to specific devices/operating systems
  • Should companies provide a stipend for the device or service
  • What does an acceptable use document look like in a BYOD world
  • What data/applications should a company allow access to …where …when …to whom

I’m holding a special mobile security webinar in December to answer your questions – read on for full details on this and our assessment.

As mobility in the business is an increasingly complex problem, Softchoice developed the Mobility TechCheck to help customers understand the current mobility devices connected to their corporate IT infrastructure; identify the types of devices being used in the environment
; and evaluate the impact of the current trends surrounding mobility and BYOD.

It’s important to note that BYOD is more than just device management and security.

  • What applications can I provide my employees to make them more effective with these devices?
  • Do I have the wireless infrastructure to support all of these new devices (older networks were designed for one laptop per 1-2 employees – now there can be 3 devices per employee).
  • Do I have the core network to support pushing rich media, video conferencing, and virtual desktops to mobile devices?
  • How do I transform the culture to better connect mobile workers, remote locations, partner/vendor collaboration, and interactive customer interaction?

The challenges and opportunities facing a 20 person company can be different than a 250 person company. But seat count does not dictate what challenges customers will face. Users are and will be bringing their own devices. It’s up to savvy leaders to embrace this change, use it to improve culture, and use it to solve business needs.

If you have questions about our assessment, join us at our mobile security webinar this December and get your questions answered live by yours truly.

If you can’t make that, read more about mobility assessments and how to get started.

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