Study: A Lack of Asset Management is Putting Networks at Risk

 Our study of 78 corporate networking environments reveals that neglecting device asset management is exposing organizations to the risk of network outage, ratcheting up maintenance costs, and degrading network performance. Read on to see our visual take on the findings!

While global spending on network security is estimated at more than $7 billion annually and growing, without effective asset management, network maintenance represents a significant and largely overlooked threat to many organizations.

The findings of our study come after a series of high profile outages that included some of North America’s largest banks, wireless providers and e-commerce sites. In the age of cloud computing and mobile devices, organizations need to apply the same rigor to the network as they do to managing other essential IT assets. That means establishing processes so IT administrators know where these devices are at in their lifecycle, what updates are required, and tracking maintenance coverage on a consistent basis.

Here’s a look at our findings and what organizations should be doing to reduce risk to their enterprise.

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