Let’s Be Frank Episode 2: Feeling Disconnected

Dear Frank,
Recently, my company has added some branches across the country – which is great because we’re growing. But I’ve never been a fan of long-distance relationships. We try and keep in touch with co-workers, but the phone can be expensive and email just isn’t providing the intimacy we need to feel connected. How can I put the spark back into our (long-distance) relationship?
Feeling Disconnected

Dear Feeling Disconnected,
Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) have become the standard form of staying connected for companies large and small. Network transport costs have continued to decline in cost and quality continues to improve. So let’s be Frank and talk about how we can take advantage of this.

To begin with, let’s look at video. A lot of UC&C systems offer video end-point to end-point calling out of the box. Imagine your branch manager talking to the operations manager face-to-face without traveling. How powerful is that? For meetings larger than two, there are many on-premise and cloud-based systems that incorporate video out of the box, not to mention the ability to collaborate on important documents or information in real time. Video conferencing solutions have come a long way and most offer experiences that aren’t “like being there…” You are there! (in 1080p x 60 frames a second).

 The other really incredible thing you should consider is video content. Corporate communications, compliance learning, and general updates and marketing videos can all be captured easily via almost any device. Users now have the ability to create and distribute content in a secure manner through-out the enterprise with tools that are embedded in a lot of the UC&C products. Technologies like Digital Signage can serve your marketing department for a portion of the day, and corporate communications during another, providing a multi-use platform for your environment. Couple this with network optimization technologies that allow you to pre-position and store content at your branch offices and now you have something that will really spark that long distance relationship. Let’s be Frank, that faltering relationship could be rekindled with a multifaceted video strategy to let them know you care.
Yours Truly, Frank

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