Let’s Be Frank Episode 1: Mobily Challenged

Dear Frank,
The users in my organization have a variety of mobile devices, everything from Blackberries to iPhones to laptops and iPads. How do I ensure a secure, mobile experience for them no matter what device they are on?
From, Mobily Challenged

Dear Mobily Challenged,
This is a common question that I get from almost every customer. “How do I balance the demands of my users with the security of my network?” More and more, personal mobile devices are making their way into the corporate environment, and the lines are getting blurry between devices and access. Luckily for you, the technology world is keeping up with these demands. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies have given many organizations the ability to make their networks borderless. These technologies are add-ons to existing security components that are already embedded through-out the network.

You should review your existing security policies to ensure that they are keeping pace with the demands of the “mobile work force.” Your acceptable use policy should continue to have strict data protection at its core, but now you will have to look at ways to leverage newer technologies to provide secure data access anytime, anyplace, any device. Let’s be Frank, people will find a way to use technology to improve their productivity and quality of life, but it’s up to us to find a way to deliver it securely.

Yours Truly, Frank

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