Get in Front of Growing Data

You’re storing more data than you need to. Cut the excess in your infrastructure, and you can benefit from efficiency gains, cost savings and budget that can be redeployed to high impact IT initiatives. All it takes is a little data deduplication. Lower the amount of data you store without sacrificing what you need, and maintaining the status quo becomes less expensive and more efficient.

Your organization generates a lot of data, yet not all of it needs to be stored. There are redundancies in systems throughout your data center, and by identifying them and getting rid of the duplicates, you can cut your storage footprint, invest less in equipment and streamline your datacenter operations. Ultimately, the cost savings can be redeployed to other IT initiatives, particularly if they come with a compelling ROI proposition.

Using a data deduplication solution, you can reduce the amount of data you store by up to 60X. This translates to backup times that are 90 percent faster and a drop in bandwidth consumption of up to 98 percent. Quite simply, the implications of data deduplication involve a clearly defined storage management advantage. These are results you can see … and measure.

As your company continues to generate data (which needs to be stored), the use of data deduplication solutions enables you to make room in your storage infrastructure, rather than purchase new storage equipment. Imminent budgetary commitments, consequently, can be deferred.

Few IT investments deliver the sort of ROI that you can realize with data deduplication as part of a virtualized storage infrastructure. The implications are salient and rapidly realized. Get rid of the extra data that you’re paying to store, and the cost to operate your IT environment – and power the business – drops substantially. At the same time, you’re extending the value of your existing storage environment well into the future.

Data deduplication isn’t just a technology decision – it’s a financial one. Implement a deduplication solution, and you’ll succeed from both perspectives.

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