Expanding virtualization into the Cloud: Is it time to pop the question?

Let’s face it. You’ve been spending a lot more time with virtualization lately. You weren’t sure how into it you were when you were first introduced. But be honest, now you’re head over heels. You like the way virtualization helps you reduce waste, outages and labor, how scalable it is, how it makes feel when you maximize operating efficiency and performance – and, of course, the way the cost savings from virtualization make you smile.

The two of you have done a lot of exploring and now virtualization is looking for something more. There’s talk of expanding the relationship, of making it official. You’re dreaming of building your organization with virtualization and living happily ever after in your own private Cloud. But something is holding you back. Is it a fear of commitment?

You’re not alone. Some 65% of organizations are in the exploring state but only 30% have made the move to expanding to the Cloud. Like you, many IT professionals worry about the technical challenges of taking that next step. Will you have a free hand when it comes to moving business applications into the virtual realm? How will upping your organization’s virtualization affect performance? Will you lose control as competing departments flex their muscle and demand dedicated servers? What about organizational issues, procedures, red tape?

In short, what if it’s just one big nightmare and you can’t turn back?

Take a deep breath. Sure there will be challenges along the way – there always are with building something important and long-lasting. But committing to virtualization is worth it in the short and long run – not just for the savings it’s delivered to your organization so far. Virtualization offers higher levels of utilization, elimination of older equipment and reduced server sprawl, and an ability to transform IT’s quality of service, customer satisfaction, staff productivity and time to market.

Need something more? According to Scott Swanburg, companies with 10% growth or more in 2010 were twice as likely to move infrastructure to the Cloud. And virtualization offers many companies – particularly small and midsized ones – the ability to use applications wherever business takes them. There’s also the vital issue of security – cloud computing can offer innovative ways to make sure your data is available whatever unforeseen even takes place at your business’s physical site.

Cloud computing is just the next great step in your organization’s life. So, don’t get cold feet. It’s time to propose an expanded virtualization solution and, at long last, take that walk down the aisle – your data center aisle, that is. What else did you think we were talking about?

Learn how to take that next step at www.softchoice.com/journeytothecloud

Check out virtualization’s therapy session:


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