Does Your Infrastructure Have the “Right Stuff” to Win the Virtual Space Race? – UPDATED

Does Your IT Infrastructure Have the “Right Stuff” to Win the Virtual Space Race?

Editors note: our virtualization expert Stephen Akuffo weighs in on the Virtual Space Race Study – see his notes below.

Technology is changing the way we do business every day in every way. We are constantly searching for ways to become more efficient, more flexible and more responsive. We want solutions that can be implemented in days, not weeks. We want innovation without compromising security. And, most importantly, we want reliability.

Meeting these demands resulted in the emergence of cloud, mobile and big data in the workplace, but they’re putting tremendous stress on most organizations’ IT infrastructures. Managed correctly, however, the right IT infrastructure can give organizations a distinct competitive advantage in the new space race – a virtual space race – where those with the “right stuff” plant their flag first in the market.

 Choosing the Right IT Infrastructure

Of course, the right solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The right IT infrastructure must be centrally managed, highly virtualized and extremely automated. So what to look for when selecting cloud services? Here are four key strategies that must be evaluated and implemented to create a more agile and efficient IT infrastructure:

  • Standardization. By centralizing your infrastructure, you create a virtual environment that can support API integration and software-defined solutions. This approach will offer dramatic cost saving benefits along with more efficient data processes.
  • Virtualization. This will simplify your IT infrastructure including your computers, networks and storage. Your apps will deploy faster and your operations will become easier, and less costly, to manage.
  • Automation. With the implementation of automated policies within your datacenter, you can configure a solution that is easily replicated and managed, allowing your organization to make changes at Mach speed!
  • Connectivity. The ability to manage systems and deploy applications on-premise or in the cloud is a key element when connecting your infrastructure. This flexibility allows you to operate, end-to-end, as a cohesive solution.

Organizations with these critical components are able to focus more time on growth and innovation, while rapidly implementing new processes and responding quickly to employee and customer needs.

Experienced data center technicians can prescribe the “right stuff” to help you implement a solution that satisfies the core criteria above. This holistic approach will not only empower your IT department, but your entire organization, to work smarter, not harder.

Our expert Stephen Akuffo weighs in on The Virtual Space Race study

“The results of the survey are eye opening, but not surprising. The basic tenant of virtualization is reducing the complexity of managing your applications by releasing from legacy, inflexible, physical systems designs. However, virtualization alone is not the silver bullet of IT.

While it allows IT to reap the full benefits of their compute resources by pooling them, they are still tied to the rest of the network, which is often very rigid and requires physical touch points with every deployment and every project.

To deal with the expectations of today’s mobile workforce (where everything must happen at the speed of now) and the next era of IT, the most competitive organizations will be defined by who takes the most advantage of cloud computing.

When a company creates a private cloud that makes automation a de facto standard in the internal environment, they are able to consume other public cloud resources under the umbrella of IT’s control. Using a standardized toolkit, this method decreases IT complexity and releases the technical team from time wasted on mundane “upkeep.” That is the future of the datacenter.”

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Stephen directly

Over the next few weeks, we will take a deeper dive into understanding and evaluating these key components: standardization, virtualization, automation and connectivity. So be sure to watch this “space.”

If you’d like a copy of the study for your files, download it for free here.

In the meantime, tell us what you think. Does your IT infrastructure have the “right stuff” to help your business take off?

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