3 Barriers to Innovation: Are you a Sustainer or an Innovator?

Technology continues to become more complex as siloed projects create new layers and inter-dependencies within infrastructures. That’s not to say companies don’t want to simplify their landscape. It just comes down to how much time is allocated to addressing project sprawl. The fact is that the skills gap is becoming the new “silent killer” and only surfaces when issues cause business impact.

Barrier #1: Sustaining the Technology

Just as the business and technology environment changes, so do the skills and knowledge required to sustain it. It’s hard to manage change however, when most of your time is spent on just sustaining what’s already there. In fact, in most IT organizations 70-80% of resources are spent just keeping things working, while only 20-30% of IT efforts are spent on innovation and development.

To realize the full benefits and capabilities of today’s advanced infrastructures, it’s important to have expertise that can uncover value in under utilized areas or find hidden savings that can help drive operational excellence.

Barrier #2: Being an expert at everything

Softchoice completed a study of over 78 environments, that demonstrated an average of 44 unique configuration issues that either had created a service affecting error or a network degredation. Quick fixes, changes and additions all lead to an environment that requires expert talent to protect the business from exposure and outages.

Too often, organizations attempt to develop deep talent in areas that are foreign and are used only in the times when issues are encountered – making them more difficult to develop, maintain and cross-train.

Barrier #3: A view on today

As an IT department, each member plays a key part in developing a forward facing view of the future of their discrete technology area. Then, layer in the new demands of the business such as BYOD which is horizontal throughout many technology silos and you  are clearly facing a much more complex world to navigate. But, with up to 80 percent of your time allocated to “keeping the lights on” having time to sift through where technology is headed is nearly impossible.

Take Action: Start overcoming the barriers

What’s important for your IT team to focus on? Is it the next project, the lastest application update or reacting to network issues? It starts with support for your people, process and technology.

That’s why we developed Softchoice’s new Keystone Essentials Program. Keystone Essentials combines a comprehensive portfolio of integrated technical support, maintenance and mentorship services designed to protect your IT environment and provide internal resources with the knowledge required to manage advanced technology infrastructures.

Here’s a look at the ongong struggle between The Sustainer whose reactive approach blocks innovation and The Innovator whose time is liberated to focus on what’s really important – Building a Better Business. Who’s winning in your organization?


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