How To Save 40 to 60% on Your IT Security Spend

How to Save 40 to 60% on Your I.T. Security Spend

“How would it impact your business if  you saved 40 to 60% on your overall security spend, and get better security?”

This is the question I ask clients most during consulting engagements. Typically there are a variety of responses that end with the question “how?”

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Addressing Bring Your Own Technology


How to implement a Bring Your Own Technology strategy is still one of the most rampant conversations we have everyday with businesses. There is no single technology that is going to make the implementation successful. The goal of this guide is to outline the variables that need to be addressed so that you can find an approach that will best fit your organization.

There are a few reasons organizations choose to have users bring their own technology.  The first step in figuring out what to do about BYO is to figure out why you are doing it. What’s interesting is that as time goes I’m finding that people aren’t really sure if they are trying to enable BYO or prevent it. Either way this guide will have you covered. [Read more…]

The Ultimate Security Guide: A Better Way To Manage The Ever-Changing Security Landscape

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According to the US Cyber Security Task Force, from October 2011 to February 2012 there were over 50,000 attempted or successful computer network intrusions in the United States alone. This makes security the fastest evolving area of IT today. As virtualization, cloud and BYOD continue to grow, expect a new set of threats to emerge that require new technologies to address them. These new threats are best contained by a holistic approach to security, an approach marked by a lower total cost of ownership as well as vendor and solution consolidation. The alternate strategy of purchasing individual point products often results in management and protection gaps.

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Destroy Your Laptop Without Ramifications!

This article originally appeared on Stephen’s personal blog. You can visit it here.

Don’t let the introduction scare you.This post is actually more appropriate for less technical readers who have had a computer failure and lost data.

While on a recent business trip, the hard drive light on my laptop remained solid at all times. As time went on, Windows slowed to a crawl and became unusable. I looked at the resource monitor to see what was causing the disk to spin so much, so that I could kill it, but there weren’t even any IO hits. When I rebooted the computer I got a message “Detection Error on HDD” and Windows wouldn’t start at all any more.

It was basically over. While we were able to mount it with Ubuntu and recover some of the data left there, I was very glad to have committed to synchronizing data consistently enough to not lose anything.

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Securing Passwords in Business: What You Really Need To Know

Another week, another breach! It seems like every week we’re hearing about another major website’s secure passwords being compromised. Personal information is either being leaked for malicious purposes, or hackers are showing off their prowess for accessing “secure” information.

Last week 3 major websites reported their customer passwords were compromised:

If you have an account on any of these sites, it is highly recommended that you change your password immediately. Also no funny business: make sure that you use a different password on each of them.

Imagine someone contacting your business relationships. Or using your identity to manipulate business relationships you have spent time building. Or just as bad, manipulating personal relationships you are developing. When you use the same password for most of your services (including work systems) you make it very easy for someone to get into many – or all – of them.

Here are my recommendations for password management best practices to reduce your risk of exposure.

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When Your Desktops Go Virtual, Don’t Forget About Security

The right VDI security achieves the costs and efficiencies your enterprise is looking for.

As server virtualization continues to go mainstream, achieving significant savings by optimizing resource utilization, many organizations are taking the lessons learned and benefits achieved and setting their sights on an even bigger challenge and opportunity: the desktop.

Desktop virtualization – or VDI for short – combines the robust virtualization technology from server virtualization with advanced session management and innovative network protocols to provide a user experience very similar to working on a dedicated desktop PC. But, with server hardware shared by multiple desktops (all completely isolated from each other), overall resource utilization is much more efficient – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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