Why Acting Like You Were ‘Born in the Cloud’ is Key to Digital Transformation

There are two kinds of cloud enterprises. Those that are “born in the cloud” — have come into being without ever owning a data center. And those that are migrating to the cloud, piece by piece, with varying senses of urgency and speed.

Striking the Balance, Innovation versus Operational Excellence

Sometimes it’s tough to be a CIO. On one hand, the business wants transformative initiatives that speed-up time-to-market, automate core processes and improve connections with the customer. On the other, they insist that IT continue to “keep the lights on” at maximum efficiency. The IT leader must be dynamic – steering the organization’s adaptation to […]

Fueling Innovation in Oil Town: Calgary 2016 IEF Summary

As the oil economy continued its tumble and the fires endured in Fort McMurray, Alberta’s IT elite got together for an intimate chat with their peers hosted by the IEF. What emerged was a clear picture that, despite of hard-knock times, the innovation engines continue to pump in Calgary. From dissenting views on where innovation […]