Why Acting Like You Were ‘Born in the Cloud’ is Key to Digital Transformation

There are two kinds of cloud enterprises. Those that are “born in the cloud” — have come into being without ever owning a data center. And those that are migrating to the cloud, piece by piece, with varying senses of urgency and speed.

Why Your IT Resourcing Needs to Evolve for Digital Transformation

There are few topics that seem more crucial to digital transformation than filling the IT skills gap. From investing in internal education and training programs to battling for fresh talent with perks, paychecks, and more purposeful work, IT leaders are tuned into the need for top talent. But recent studies reveal an alarming trend: The […]

Doing More than just “Keeping the Lights On”

In this era, the role of the IT department is much more than keeping the lights on. From machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to cybersecurity and customer engagement, technology is reshaping the way we do business.

Sure thing: 5 unstoppable changes in IT – Softchoice IEF Montreal 2015

5 Unstoppable Changes in IT: The Extreme Nature of Disruption Here’s a story from a recent Innovation Executive Forum, one we think everyone should hear: One day, a CIO told his team to meet in the board room. He drew a diagram on the board, illustrating the future of this major consumer publishing company – […]

I Heart disruption: Consumer-driven innovation in New York City – Softchoice IEF New York City 2015

IT leaders tackle disruption at the IEF in New York City In the face of disruption, IT leaders have a few options. Two of which are the following: they can sit around and do nothing, or they can jump in blindly and take on every single new technology gizmo and approach imaginable. Both approaches are […]

Doing digital in Denver: Colorado’s innovation hot-bed – Softchoice IEF Denver 2015

Colorado’s innovation hot-bed: IEF comes to Denver Denver is being overtaken by the Millennials – with younger generation workers outnumbering Baby Boomers in that city for the first time, ever. And if you are in IT, this is an amazing news. It means that more than ever, your business is about innovation. Whether it’s focussing […]

Just do IT, differently: Taking action in a new world of innovation – Softchoice IEF Dallas 2015

Changing it up: Doing IT differently in the new digital world For our most recent IEF event in Dallas, leaders from across industries gathered to discuss real and recent trends facing them in IT today. And while a common and frequent theme popped up – how the role of IT is changing in line with […]

Bimodal, Big Data and Bad Passwords: Technology trends in San Diego – Softchoice IEF San Diego 2015

Big Data vs. Car Thieves and Other Stories from San Diego What does a car thief and a veteran architect have in common? Each are under assault by digital disruption, finding that new technology and a new IT department are forever changing their way of life – at least that’s according to the CIOs gathered […]

Getting Safer, Going Faster: Security and Cloud Top of Mind for IT Leaders in 2015 – Softchoice IEF 2015 Conference Call

5 Pieces of Advice for Cloud and Cyber Security Strategies As the new year looms, IT leaders gathered for a special conference call to discuss their pressing needs, challenges and strategies. And while the topics they focused on were old news – cloud and cyber security – the way in which they talked about them […]

The Only Certainty: How IT Leaders Straddle Massive Changes to their Jobs and Industry – Softchoice IEF Los Angeles 2015

IT Leaders “Face the Strange” of Change Management in Los Angeles It’s impossible to write a blog post all about changes without being struck by that old David Bowie song: “Ch-ch-ch-changes / Turn and face the strange.” Those are wise words for any technological leader in these modern times of total transformation. And as we saw at […]