What we can all learn from White Spot: Digital disruption

The situation facing restaurant operators is the same with all industries in the middle of digital disruption. They need to “evolve or die.” At least, that’s how the financial analysts at Morningstar put it in a recent report.

Disruption, Trust, and starting with “why”

Disruption from external and internal forces puts pressure on a business to adapt. An “IT leader” has become a hybrid sales role. Its mandate: Championing the IT department as a partner for transformative change. In response, many organizations are integrating technology into every facet of their operations.

At our IEF dinner in San Diego, we asked attendees to discuss disruption in their industries and the ways it helps and hinders their organizations.

Disruption and Transformation

At our recent IEF dinner in Los Angeles, West Coast IT leaders met to discuss transformative changes they faced in their industries and the strategies they’re using to disrupt rather than be disrupted.