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Why Your IT Resourcing Needs to Evolve for Digital Transformation

There are few topics that seem more crucial to digital transformation than filling the IT skills gap. From investing in internal education and training programs to battling for fresh talent with perks, paychecks, and more purposeful work, IT leaders are tuned into the need for top talent. But recent studies reveal an alarming trend: The skills gap is only getting wider. The traditional means … [Read More...]

What is driving today’s CIO? A look back to go forward

"A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." – Marcus Garvey … [Read More...]

Culture Shift and the Future of IT

When we talk about Digital Transformation, three key topics always come to the fore: optimizing IT investments, enabling end users, and IT agility. On a granular level, these three factors form an … [Read More...]

Rethinking IT, Talent and the Workplace

During a recent IEF roundtable dinner in New York City, we met with a number of IT professionals for a wide-ranging discussion about the changing nature of human resources in the digital era. The … [Read More...]

Why you Should Put People Before Technology

Put people first. If there’s one thing we learned over the course of our IEF dinner in Halifax, that would be it. As part of our ongoing series into the what’s new in IT, we invited IT pro … [Read More...]

Taking the Danger Out of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation. At its base, we know what the term means. What isn’t always as clear, is what Digital Transformation actually means in practice, to the companies making the transition. I … [Read More...]