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Poised for Change. IT’s New Normal.

It’s a fact: the speed of business isn’t set to slow down anytime soon. As recent tech history has shown us, the digital transformation of business continues to move apace, as companies in virtually all sectors react to changing consumer demand and technological advancement. At our recent IEF event in Calgary, we gathered a group of the city’s IT leaders for a broad discussion about what that me … [Read More...]

Getting Digital Transformation Right the First Time

Digital transformation is doing more than putting Information Technology departments front and center - its turning companies, virtually all of them, into technology companies. Regardless of product, … [Read More...]

Striking the Balance, Innovation versus Operational Excellence

Sometimes it's tough to be a CIO. On one hand, the business wants transformative initiatives that speed-up time-to-market, automate core processes and improve connections with the customer. On the … [Read More...]

Increasing the Pace of Innovation

The IT department of the past was like a hardware store. The business devised a new initiative. That initiative required tools and IT would provide them. Today, things have changed. Technology does … [Read More...]

Innovating from Every Angle

The words “innovation” and “technology” form a natural combination. And so, many organizations leave the business of innovating at the feet of the IT department. It often falls on IT leaders keep the “ … [Read More...]

The Evolving Role of IT

Today's ideal “IT person” is somewhat of a unicorn. To excel, they must be good with technology and with people. Their business skills are just as important as their technical prowess. For them, sel … [Read More...]