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Why you Should Put People Before Technology

Put people first. If there’s one thing we learned over the course of our IEF dinner in Halifax, that would be it. As part of our ongoing series into the what’s new in IT, we invited IT professionals from Nova Scotia’s capital to discuss where they’re at, where they see things going, and what they should be focussing on in 2019.  … [Read More...]

Taking the Danger Out of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation. At its base, we know what the term means. What isn’t always as clear, is what Digital Transformation actually means in practice, to the companies making the transition. I … [Read More...]

Digital Transformation and Road-Mapping the Future

There’s nothing like Digital Transformation to separate those in the digital “know”, from those whose who simply, well, don’t know. As companies make the leap, closing the gap on legacy assets, (think: … [Read More...]

Agents of Change. The Evolving Role of IT.

Remember when only "tech" companies sold or dealt with, technology? Thanks to digital transformation, those days are long in the past. Today, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling healthcare, laptops, oi … [Read More...]

Poised for Change. IT’s New Normal.

It’s a fact: the speed of business isn’t set to slow down anytime soon. As recent tech history has shown us, the digital transformation of business continues to move apace, as companies in virtually al … [Read More...]

Getting Digital Transformation Right the First Time

Digital transformation is doing more than putting Information Technology departments front and center - its turning companies, virtually all of them, into technology companies. Regardless of product, … [Read More...]