3 Ways Social Media Is A Game-Changer For Your Corporate Culture

social media

While the debate on restricting personal use of Twitter and Facebook during office hours continues, a lot of organizations are missing the conversation on internal social media. Tools such as Yammer, Digsby, and sites created by your company in-house have the potential to positively impact your corporate culture and raise the bar on your business output.

Based on our own experience at Softchoice, here are three ways internal social media could be a game-changer for your business: [Read more…]

How to Get 20 Great Ideas from 900 Employees in 3 Minutes

After reading a flurry of Tweets that pointed me to IT World Canada’s list of Top Summer Blockbuster Movies with an IT Upgrade – I was inspired. With many creative co-workers spread across North America, I knew we could create an old school movie list with an IT twist!

But how could I quickly get everyone involved in the company and have some fun at the same time? Yammer did the trick! One quick question posted on our corporate Yammer network instantly spurred co-worker responses from Atlanta to Chicago to Seattle, Montreal, Toronto and more!

We’re a big company with office locations in cities throughout the US and Canada. Yammer helps us feel more connected to each other by making it easier to easily communicate across borders, provinces and states. We use it to share and comment on everything from team wins, employee success stories to industry news and more. But today was a great example of how we also use it to create energy and fun in a geographically diverse workplace. As we say, “We take our business seriously, but not ourselves”!

Our employees didn’t disappoint. Here’s their Top 20 Softchoice IT Movie hit list….enjoy! [Read more…]