A Healthy Culture Breeds Competitive Advantage

“I have never experienced a company quite like Softchoice when it came to company culture. No other company has ever so clearly expressed the values that it was all about.  I thought that it might be fun to profile / highlight Softchoice for the article, which is what brings me to you. :-)”

This appeared in my inbox a few weeks ago from an old Softchoice colleague  Lisa Sperow.  It made me a little nostalgic for “the old days” but it also made me think…. We believe that culture is something that sets Softchoice apart and Lisa – who is now a writer and small business coach – wanted me to boil it down for her to share with the readers of her blog. [Read more…]

I heart working at Softchoice

Our corporate sales centers and branch offices are typically located in major urban centers. This ensures ready access to a pool of skilled and highly educated candidates. We view our facilities as an extension of our unique corporate culture.

Through open-concept loft-style spaces, we seek to promote a warm, comfortable environment that encourages the free exchange of ideas. That means providing spaces that offer plenty of elbow room and informal meeting areas where employees can connect on business or catch up with their co-workers. We continue to make significant investments to create a consistent feel across all of our locations.

Our Toronto headquarters has a large lunchroom with comfortable lounge-style seating and a multimedia center to encourage employees to leave their desks and socialize with each other. There is also a quiet room where employees can spend downtime and an in-house gym to encourage our people to integrate fitness into their daily routine.
Softchoice has also maintained a number of unique traditions that we believe contribute to a vibrant work environment. In most offices, employees are free to bring their dog to work, and once a month we offer refreshments and snacks to all employees, providing an opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments together. While relatively small details, taken together, these initiatives ensure Softchoice remains not just a place to work, but also a place to socialize, relax and stay healthy.